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January, 2023

  • SET Reference Amplifier

    Single-ended 20-watt amplifier using the 845 tube (or the 211 tube) with ZOTL technology. Large, externally packaged chokes provide energy storage and are available either copper wound or silver wound.

November, 2022

  • We are pleased to announce that service for Berning products is available in the UK, performed by Paul Soor. Contact details as follows:

    Name: Paul Soor
    Telephone: +44 (0) 777 161 2739 Same number for WhatsApp/FaceTime/Signal
    Address: Woodford, Essex, UK

July 2020

  • Linear Tube Audio (LTA) continues its license agreement with Berning for an ever expanding line of products based on the ZOTL technology. See

July, 2015

  • micro ZOTL   2.0   ... it's baaack

    It's back. And more remarkable than ever. Newly configured, this micoZOTL amplifier utilizes David Berning's highly refined no-feedback Class A triode design coupled with his extremely sophisticated ZOTL power supply and impedance conversion circuitry.

    A new company called Linear Tube Audio, under the direction of Mark Schneider, has been formed to bring back the microZOTL. Other products using the ZOTL technology licensed from Berning will follow.

February, 2014

  • Soundstage Ultra reviews the Berning ZH-230 Stereo Amplifier

    "Many manufacturers claim that their products are 'innovative,' but few merit that description more than the amplifiers designed by David Berning. ...

    "I ended up swearing a lot as I put this amp through its paces, saying things like "I can't believe this amp sounds this @#%&* good! ...

    "...the most effortlessly dynamic-sounding amplifier I've ever heard, and it seemed much more powerful than its rated output. ... Dynamics are a huge part of music, and doing them better makes the music sound better. ...

    "... the Berning's microdynamic capabilities made these continuous variations in their instruments' volumes very easy to follow. When an amplifier reproduces the most fleeting volume changes, you hear more of the performers' intent. That's what high-end audio is all about....

    "...the ZH-230 realistically presented tonality in time and space -- instruments sounded right. ... The ZH-230's instantaneous dynamics benefited ... lightning-fast dynamic swings. I seem to be saying that a lot. ...

    "I was totally smitten by the David Berning Company's ZH-230. ... Its ability to provide almost instantaneous power made it sound more powerful than its rated output. ...

    "... the Berning ZH-230 is the best I've ever heard. ... what counts is that the ZH-230 made music sound right."

April, 2012

  • New York Audio & AV Show 2012
    "...this system kicked all manner of ass. The sound was delicate and finessed. ...the sound went deep, played cleanly, and had tremendous extension. When the music called for grace, there was grace. When the music called for balls, well, yeah. Uh huh... The imaging was freaky-precise, with spectacular depth and width. What a sound stage! ...the Berning gear was stunning. I couldn't stop ogling. ... My favorite system of the show by far. This one blew me away."
  • New York Audio & AV Show 2012
    "...A new deck for most people (myself included) was the Holborne, a minimalist Swiss-made Pd.5,275 Analog 2 turntable with matching $3,475 turntable and a made-for-Holborne Benz-derived moving coil cartridge for just under $2k. Driven by a belt made of magnetic tape, the deck was sounding intriguing in a Berning pre/power (with the new 60w mono versions of the ZH-230), driving a pair of prototype versions of the Zellaton Concert, using Tellurium Q cables once again. The room...had distinct touches of greatness about it. As in, this was warming up to be one of the best sounds I've heard at a show. Perhaps any show."

April, 2011

  • ZH-230 reviewed by Dick Olsher in The Absolute Sound (TAS210) »

February, 2010

  • ZH-230 dual 30-watt tube amplifier based on ZOTL Technology.
  • Pre One tube preamplifier with ZOTL Technology.

October, 2009

  • Quadrature Z wins Hi-Fi+'s "Power Amplifier of the Year 2009".

January, 2009

October, 2008

October, 2007

  • Introduction of Quadrature Z 200-watt ZOTL monoblock Power Amplifier
  • New website

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