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Thirty-year anniversary: EA-230 AutoBias Upgrade
AutoBias Upgrade now available for EA-230

Originally introduced in 1980 and still sought after and celebrated, the EA-230 is a 30-watt per channel stereo vacuum tube amplifier that, according to Stereophile Magazine, "really flies". Owners know that it keeps on flying. Tube life, often spanning decades, is exceptional. Sound quality and performance still excels and remains at ease amongst the finest and very latest high-end audio equipment.

US$300 covers the parts and labor for installation of upgrade only. Costs for any extra work or necessary repairs will incur additional charge. Please contact us for more information and to arrange scheduling and shipping.

Product Support

Webpages for some older Berning products are publicly available below. Owners Manuals and Schematics are also available to help those qualified to do repairs.

All David Berning Company products contain voltages that can be lethal, and repairs should only be attempted by persons familiar with special precautions required for working on high-voltage circuits. Most David Berning Company products use switching power supplies, and only fast recovery rectifiers should be used. Products that use switching power supplies can not be brought up in voltage slowly with a variac. Many of the components on switchers are not isolated from the line and some measurements require the use of an isolation transformer.

  • ZH-270 Power Amplifier

    The ZH270 is a 70 watt per channel that features an excellent dynamic range on a large variety of speakers. Two sets of inputs are included with a selector switch. A feedback switch provides additional flexibility in matching the amplifier output impedance to a particular speaker for optimum sound. A level control is also provided, so that this amplifier can be used without a preamp.

  • Siegfried Power Amplifier

    Siegfried is a single-ended amplifier that features a smooth and effortless sound, and good dynamics on higher-efficiency speakers. This amplifier comes in two versions, and uses directly-heated output triodes. An unusually low 1.5 ohm output impedance is achieved without the use of negative feedback. A level control is provided.

  • microZOTL Personal Amplifier

    microZOTL is a very low-powered push-pull class A triode amplifier with no feedback and a respectable 2-ohm output impedance. This amplifier was developed to showcase the patented Berning ZH OTL (output transformerless) impedance conversion technology in an highly affordable product. This amplifier is recommended for moderate listening levels in a bedroom or office. A headphone jack and level control are provided.

  • EA-2101 Power Amplifier

  • EA-2100 Power Amplifier

  • TF-12 Preamplifier

  • TF-10 Preamplifier

  • EA-230 Power Amplifier

  • EA2-150B Power Amplifier

  • P-1 Preamplifier

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